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Dr. Elsa is a simple yet powerful tool you can use to help you and your loved ones
in many health related situations!

Submit a complaint

Register on the application to submit any medical issue for yourself or someone else. Have a consult with a board certified and trusted doctor within 3 hours.

Consult with a Doctor

Share your symptoms and photos with an expert doctor from your own phone. Your visit is private and information is securely stored for better diagnosis.

Get a Treatment Plan

Digital prescriptions from your doctor make getting your medicine easier. Electronic health records let you see your treatment plans from past visits.

Follow Up Services

We will follow up with your treatment plan to ensure a fast recovery, and you can access your secure health records from all visits through the application.

Tools for
better healthcare services.

Dr. Elsa allows patients to connect with doctors and specialists at their convenience, discuss their medical questions with qualified health professionals, and have access to their electronic health record. Dr. Elsa is convenient and user friendly - download on your phone today!

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A.I Powered Insights for doctors and institutions.

Dr. Elsa allows doctors to practice medicine from their home or office and powers them with artificial intelligence for specialty advice and better diagnosis. Contact us today if you would like to be a part of this revolution in healthcare.

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Benefits of Dr. Elsa

We are bringing health and the power of technology together to give you a better healthcare experience.
You have control of your healthcae through your own phone.

Better Diagnosis

Using expert doctors powered by our technology, we bring better diagnoses that are personalized for you.

Health Records

Personal, secure, and digital health records that allows you to review your medical history and share with doctors at your discretion.

Comfortable Consults

With Dr. Elsa, you can get medical and treatment advice from your home, work, or while you are traveling.

Saves Time and Money

Skip the lines at the hospital and connect with a doctor for more affordable prices through your phone.

Healthier Communities

With expert opinions, mis-diagnosis and self-diagnosis is reduced so you and your family can get better faster.

Artificial Intelligence

Smart tools, powered by data, give doctors insights to better diagnose their patients.

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About us

Dr. Elsa is a mobile health application that lets you connect with a doctor and receive medical care remotely. By providing your symptoms and brief medical history, our doctors are able to provide treatment recommendations that will help you get better quickly.

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