A health assistant
for improved health outcomes.

Dr. Elsa allows healthcare providers to interpret symptoms and patient demographic information through an AI-powered interface, provide information about likely conditions, and offer recommendations for next steps or referals. We are currently building Dr. Elsa for use in three important areas: infectious disease, non-communicable disease, and pediatric care.

A.I Powered Insights for health providers and institutions.

Dr. Elsa empowers healthcare providers to make more informed, evidence-based decisions that are backed by data and artificial intelligence. Health institutions are able to integrate the tool directly into their health decision infrastructure, better understand their patients, and provide specialist-level care to patients. Contact us today if you would like to be a part of this revolution in healthcare.

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Disease outbreak prediction
for better health management.

The Health Assistant can analyze existing health data to predict disease outbreaks six months in advance, allowing health providers and governments to better prepare for these outbreaks. Our outbreak prediction models, will ideally decrease the number of patients who need to access overcrowded facilities by providing accurate predictions months in advance and supporting resource allocation.

Specialist-level insights for health facilities.

We have a suite of tools that can be integrated into a healthcare facility, including general medicine, pediatrics, non-communicable disease, infectious disease, sexual health and HIV/AIDS, and cancer risk assessments. These tools allow healthcare facilities that lack these services to offer evidence-based, specialist-level care to their patients.

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Benefits of Dr. Elsa

We are bringing health and the power of technology together to give you a better health experience.
Our goal is to augment the knowledge and capacity of care providers in East Africa to ensure that patients have equitable access to high-quality care.

Evidence-Backed Decisions

Tools to augment the knowledge and experience of healthcare providers by offering data-powered decision support.

Swahili and English

Dual-language support for a variety of healthcare providers in both urban and rural areas.

Built on African Data

Our tools are built and trained on locally sourced data from Tanzania, which adds contextual relevance and ensures that the tool is able to handle any illness.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Better health decision making at the front-lines of care, and ensures that patients are supported throughout their healthcare experience.

Specialist-Level Care

Tanzania lacks specialist care - Dr. Elsa can support health institutions by empowering general physicians to operate at a specialist level.

Referral System

Built-in, intelligent referals to other healthcare facilities for complex conditions that are easily accessible by all providers.

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About us

Dr. Elsa is an AI-powered health assistant that supports health providers through decision support, next steps recommendations, and disease outbreak prediction. By providing your symptoms and brief medical history, our tools are able to provide important medical information, treatment recommendations, and referrals to help you get better quickly.

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